Commercial Ventilation – E36202 – 60002

These destratifiers are the most powerful ceiling fans available on the market​.


  • The most powerful ceiling fans available on the market
  • Working up to 14 meters
  • Heavy duty construction for many years of non stop work
  • The aerodynamic shape moves big volumes of air
  • Balanced motor and blades for vibration-free operation
  • The motor is protected from thermal overload being equipped with thermal protection and automatic reset
  • Can work in harsh professional conditions


  • —Industry, warehouses, production halls
  • Offices and commercial premises
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants

Winter destratification

The hot air flows upstream. The Master ceiling fan let the heat flow
back to the floor. The resulting energy saving is about 30%.

Summer ventilation

The Master ceiling fan creates an air flow which helps the skin evaporation, with an improvement of about 4°C on the perceived temperature.

The fan supports the air-conditioning allowing to feel 23°C even when the thermostat shows 27°C.

It is perfect for humid environments and eliminates mould and dust.


Office Buildings

With increasing numbers of people cycling to work it is essential that offices can provide adequate facilities for staff to dry their wet clothing. Having a drying room in the building creates a dedicated space for this instead of hanging up wet gear in the office area. With more and more companies focusing on the well-being of their staff and the environment they work in, drying rooms are an essential part of corporate social responsibility.

How a dehumidifier works

The high-performance dehumidifiers recirculate the air and physically remove moisture from it. This alleviates the need to continuously reheat incoming air. Not only that, the units convert energy taken out of the room as moisture to provide useful heat to warm the room, accelerating the drying process.

Cost savings
Calorex dehumidifiers provide an efficient and cost effective alternative to drying using heat alone. The potential energy savings are huge as every unit of energy that our dehumidifiers consume, it will convert 2.5 times this amount to usable heat. In fact, compared to traditional heat and ventilation energy, cost savings of 75% are not unusual.

You can turn any room into a drying room just by using one of our dehumidifiers. Installations can be straightforward, as it only requires positioning, connecting a power supply and drain. The units have combined heating and drying so there is no need for separate heaters, fans and extraction systems.

Zoe INTL manufacture dehumidifiers in a range of sizes to suit any space. Whatever you need, Zoe INTL, Calorex, Aerial and Master have the solution.

All products are supported by an in-house applications department and nationwide service network.

Offices & Commercial Spaces

Zoe INTL can offer ready-made solutions for mobile heating, drying and cooling and are ideal for facility management companies. From robust and hard wearing dehumidifiers to compact heating and cooling units, our​ company has a product for any type of building and any size room.

With emergency situations occurring every day in the working environment, facility managers need to be able to provide quick and economical solutions for these problems day or night. Whether it is an emergency heating or cooling issue or a building dryer is needed to dry out renovations, Zoe INTL will have the right product for your operational problem with all our units being highly efficient, easy to use and quick to install.

The Master range of mobile heaters can heat any room or area quickly and efficiently. They are ideal for use as a temporary or permanent heating solution. The range consists of oil, gas and electric heaters.

Calorex building dryers are specifically designed for construction use and can be used to dry out any size room. Our dehumidifiers positively remove moisture in a controllable, efficient manner from a space, and at a speed that can be dictated to suit the application. We also have a large range of metal and plastic dehumidifiers from Master for rental and general purpose use and the Zoe INTL CDT series of dehumidifiers for water damage restoration.

If it is instant cooling you are after then the Zoe INTL ACT 7 mobile air-conditioner and Master portable air coolers are easy to install and have low running and maintenance costs. The group also has a range of compact metal and plastic blowers and air circulators ideal for workshops, warehouses and commercial spaces.

Zoe INTL manufacture mobile dehumidifiers, heaters, air-conditioners and coolers and air movers in a range of sizes to suit any space. Whatever you need, Calorex, Zoe INTL, Aerial and Master have the answer to your climate control issue.

All products are supported by an in-house applications department and nationwide service network.