Electronics Cooling – DC 1000

Zoe INTL’s DC air-conditioners are slim line true DC air conditioners for energy-efficient cooling in Telecom networks.


  • Clean internal environment – closed loop cooling
  • —Low inrush current – true DC air-conditioner
  • —No power loss in conversion – no inverter
  • —Energy-efficient – DC-supplied and capacity-controlled
  • —Easy installation – mono-block, plug-and-play units
  • —Lower carbon footprint – environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a
  • —Easy maintenance – small and compact design
  • —Expected service life – 10 years


  • Built-in digital controller – Zoe INTL CC0 controller, LED digital display placed on control board
  • —Energy-saving control strategy – fans and compressor are controlled with unique, stable RPM independent from supply voltage fluctuations
  • —SD card interface and TTL link make the configuration fast and easy
  • —1pcs RS485 communication port, Modbus protocol support remote monitor


Telecom Cooling

With more than ​20 years of developing and producing cooling solutions for the Telecom industry, Zoe INTL knows the business and the challenges met by network operators and suppliers.​

Drive down costs, maximise uptime

Our solutions are customised for the Telecom industry and provide reliable, energy-efficient heat removal from shelters, cabinets, enclosures and rooms containing temperature-sensitive electronic and telecommunications equipment.

This makes Zoe INTL the preferred partner for electronics cooling and substantiates our position as the leading global supplier of climate control solutions.

Leaders in Innovation

Zoe INTL is committed to finding new ways to meeting your cooling requirements while lowering energy consumption. Our analysts, customer specialists and R&D team constantly work to challenge the status quo and innovate our solutions to deliver even greater value.

The Zoe INTL manufacture dehumidifiers in a range of sizes to suit any space. Whatever you need, Zoe INTL, Calorex, Dantherm, Aerial and Master have the solution.

​All products are supported by an in-house applications department and nationwide service network.