Electronics Cooling – DC 150

For Telecom cabinets


  • Closed loop cooling
  • Corrosion-proof components

Operation modes

  • Main cooling mode with dynamic, step-less fan speed control
  • Power save, boost, emergency cooling, self-test

Communication, alarms and surveillance

  • Two galvanically insulated alarm outputs – high and low temperature, fans, temperature sensor function

Built-in safety

  • Leakage, voltage and function test from factory
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Inrush current limiter

Easy installation

  • Installation cable provided
  • No need for cooling technician
  • No soldering or refrigerant filling on site


  • Built-in digital controller – Zoe INTL CC1 controller, temperature sensor placed on control board
  • Energy saving control strategy. Fans are controlled with unique, stable RPM independent of supply voltage fluctuations
  • Configuration parameters stored in on-board, non-volatile memory. Configurable digital in/outputs
  • Regulates internal and external fans to achieve optimum inside temperature at minimum power consumption


Data Centres

Where data centres are built in climatic regions that experience high air temperatures and moisture contents, humidity control must not be forgotten, so an environmental control system that incorporates humidity and temperature control must be considered. Humidity control is essential to stop moisture in the fresh air supply from condensing into the room, risking damage to valuable data centre infrastructure and operation.

Zoe INTL can provide reliable, energy-efficient solutions for all humidity problems, including data centres. To provide a solution that minimizes power consumption and capital cost, refrigerant dehumidifiers are often chosen as the preferred technology.

One of the largest data centre operators in Singapore has put its trust in specialist environmental control machines supplied by world leading Calorex, to help protect its valuable computer equipment from potentially catastrophic condensation. The company, which oversees a network of world-class data security bases in the Asia Pacific, ordered 48 DH 150 dehumidifiers for the suites within its new data centre.

Zoe INTL manufacture dehumidifiers in a range of sizes to suit any space. Whatever you need, Zoe INTL, Calorex, Aerial and Master have the solution.