Mobile Cooling AC-M5MKII

The AC-M5MKII air-conditioner has a cooling capacity of 5 kW and a heating capacity of 2 kW. The unit is designed for window mounting in ISO containers. By means of a trap door system, the air-conditioner is mounted inside the container to ensure easy and practical transportation. The unit is pushed outside of the container for operation.


  • Manufactured from hot dip galvanized and powder coated steel sheet
  • When in operation and transportation mode the trap door and AC-M5MKII provides an air tight boundary to ambient environment
  • The above qualifies for CBRN/COLPRO compatibility
  • The trap door unit also serves as protection against rain and extreme sun when the unit is operating
  • Provides cooling at ambient temperatures up to +60°C
  • NATO green, IR reflective, BS381C285 – optional colours on request
  • Scroll compressor for high degree of reliability and low noise
  • Easy to operate microprocessor to control temperature and comply with EMC military standard
  • Two speed selector for the internal fan
  • “VENT-only” option, allowing ventilation without cooling
  • Possible to lock the trapdoor with a padlock or positively lock the trapdoor for under-slung transportation by