Mobile Ventilation HXM 100

The purpose of the mobile energy saving ventilation unit, HXM 100, is to reduce the operating cost of climate conditioned containers. By treating ambient fresh air, before it enters the internal side of a container, the solution can potentially save up to 50 % of the power consumption used to control the climate inside the container.


  • Designed for easy mounting in 20” or 40” containers
  • Operating range up to +60°C
  • Simple user interface for adjusting the fresh air volume
  • Indoor service hatches for checking and replacing filters
  • Alu-zinc sheet metal finish and white painted front cover
  • G4 filter
  • CE-marked
  • ErP 2015 compliant

Optional accessories

  • Package with different types of Ø100mm ducting, flexible ducting, 90° bends, ducting connections, and sand trap for mounting outside container wall in desert areas or harsh environment