Residential Ventilation – HCC 2 PLA

Ventilation with heat recovery for suspended ceiling installation


  • High efficiency heat recovery – up to 94%
  • EC fan motors with low energy consumption (low SPI)
  • Only 300mm installation headroom height is required
  • Time controlled ventilation level, based on 11 different built in pre-programmed week programs. This reduces power consumption in periods with low ventilation demands.
  • Summer cooling mode
  • Fireplace mode, creating a momentary inside overpressure, to enhance chimney functionality
  • Easy-to-install and commissioning solution with built in air measure ports, for easy balancing with PC-Tool
  • Electronically left/right fan direction switching, allowing same unit type to adapt any physical installation requirements, regardless of ceiling and wall selection.
  • TCP/IP ModBus connection, for inter-operation with Building Management System